Curious George 4- Ted (without his boots)

Ted Shackleford (without boots/ bare feet)

Ted Shackleford 
(who's most often called simply The Man in the Yellow Hat) is a main character in the Curious George Trilogy Set and PBS Kids TV series (2006-2015). In 2006, it was revealed that the Man's full name is Ted Shackleford. The name "Ted" was only used for him in the Curious George film (2006) and Curious George 2 Follow that Monkey (2009). He's the dueteragonist of Curious George books/series, the main protagonist of the first film, the tritagonist of the second film, a minor character of the third film, Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle, and the main fatherly protagonist of the upcoming fourth film.

He's George's owner, but sees himself as more of a "Monkey Father". It's unknown where he lives, but certain clues from three movies and TV series (2006-2015) indicate that he lives in either Manhattan, New York City or Chicago, Illinois.

His current hobbies include bowling, studying nature, hiking, jogging, camping, bike riding, playing the tuba, sand castle building, going to the beach, gardening, reading, marathon running, board games, frog impressions, golf, bird watching, "worm racing",

Ted's original voice was potrayed by Will Ferrell (in 2006 film), then replaced by Jeff Bennett.

Ted will be engaged to Maggie Dunlop with three siblings in the upcoming fourth film.

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