Henry the Green Engine
Number: 3
Class: LMS Stanier "Black 5" 5MT, originally GNR Ivatt Class C1/LNER Gresley Class A1 hybrid
Designer: Sir Topham Hatt I and Sir William Stanier
Builder: Crewe Works (rebuild)
Built: circa 1919, rebuilt 1935
Configuration: 4-6-0, originally 4-6-2
Arrived on Sodor: 1922

Henry is a large LMS Stanier 5MT mixed traffic engine. Originally the hybrid shape of a LNER Class A1 and a GNR C1 Atlantic and a poor steamer; Henry was rebuilt into his current shape in 1935. Henry is a kind engine, but can sometimes be grumpy and of a worrying persona.


Henry is the No. 3 green engine. He is a long and fast engine. He tends to be a little high-strung and a bit of a worrier.