Curious George 4 is an upcoming film (after the prequels of Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle, Curious George 2: Follow that Monkey and the classic Curious George) that it is about the man in the yellow hat's 32nd birthday party with his three well-behaved children, his beloved wife (Maggie Dunlop) and the rest of their friends (inspired from Follow that Monkey, T.V series and Back to the Jungle)! But the worried and freaked out man in the yellow hat has been taken away by Danno Wolfe and Junior Bloomsberry, it is up to the brave little Curious George, along with a guardian pixie fairy, to find his monkey parent, defeating Danno, Junior and a jealous psycho Midnight Queen and get her to understand how she feels when she loses her only child on the inside before it's too late!

Plus new enchanting songs from the voice talents and more surprises like you have never seen before that your family will enjoy again and again.

Voice Talents:

Frank Weller as Curious George

Jeff Bennett as Ted (The Man in the Yellow Hat)

Adam Wylie as Gerald Shackleford

Tara Strong as Daphne Shackleford, Daisy Wiseman, kid # 1, Lily Kyle

E.G Daily as Troy Dunlop, Steve & kid # 2

Nicki Bryar as Maggie Dunlop, woman #1, Guardian pixie fairy

David Cross as Junior Bloomsberry

Jamie Kennedy as Danno Wolfe

Jodi Benson as Ted's mother Miranda Shackleford, woman # 3

James Earl Jones as Ted's father David Shackleford

Kazumi Evans as Jennifer Kyle (aka Midnight Queen), Scarlet Louie


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