Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Species: Monkey
Nicknames/Aliases: Little Monkey (by Ted Shackleford)
Relatives: Ted Shackleford (owner)
Notes: Sometimes mistaken for an ape, because he has no tail, but George is most certainly a (tailless) monkey.
First: Curious George Flies a Kite
 Curious George is the protagonist in the Curious George franchise. He is known for being extremely curious, which sometimes causes him to get into mischief and other wild situations, which The Man with the Yellow Hat tries his best to control with his memorable line, "Be a good little monkey!" He is voiced by Frank Welker.


George is a fairly short, bipedal monkey that is also capable of walking on all-fours. He has solid brown fur, with peach-colored skin on his face, hands, ears, and feet. George also has traditional cartoony black eyes with a small, round nose.


George's dominant trait is being overly curious, like his name suggests. He is also known for being a bit reckless and can get a bit carried away with his monkey-like instincts and behaviors. Nonetheless, he still has a very caring and generous personality, and means well.


  • Despite being a monkey, George does not appear to have a tail in any installments of the franchise. This was most likely done to make his character more relatable to the main audience of young human children.

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